Kerzner International

In February 2006, Groton Partners was engaged by members of senior management at Kerzner International to explore the possibility of taking the company private. Groton Partners, among other responsibilities, analyzed the feasibility of such a transaction, identified and negotiated with financial partners, assisted in structuring the going-private transaction, and negotiated the purchase price and terms with the Board of Directors' Special Committee and its advisor. In August 2006, the Kerzner shareholders approved the transaction, which was valued at $3.8 billion.

National Envelope Corporation

In September 2004, Groton Partners was asked to advise National Envelope Corporation in its negotiation with creditors. With the assistance of Groton Partners, National Envelope was able to negotiate a new financing package with its existing creditors, and make an acquisition that enhanced greatly the Company's product offering. As a result, National Envelope has emerged as the leader in its industry and is poised for future growth.

Royalty Pharma

Royalty Pharma, a unique private equity fund focused on purchasing cash flowing royalty interests in top-tier pharmaceutical products, engaged Groton Partners in 2003 to recapitalize its partnership interests in order to redeem certain investors while raising capital from new investors from around the globe. Groton Partners successfully led the transaction, which resulted in raising new capital of approximately $365 million from institutional and high net-worth individuals, cashing out investors that so desired, preserving Royalty Pharma's tax-advantaged structure, and providing appropriate flexibility for future growth. Royalty Pharma's equity presently is worth approximately $1.5 billion, and Groton Partners continues to be involved with Royalty Pharma as both advisor on product royalty acquisitions and new, innovative financing alternatives.


In September 2003, Groton Partners was engaged by the controlling shareholders of AmBev to advise them in their planned merger with Interbrew, creating the world's largest brewer. Groton Partners, among other responsibilities, analyzed the feasibility of various proposed structures, evaluated financial considerations, and negotiated the purchase price. In March 2004, the shareholders of the two companies approved the transaction, which was valued at approximately $11 billion.