M. K. European Capital Partners, LLC

M. K. European Capital Partners, LLC is a fund that invests in commercial properties in the U. K. and Europe. The fund is sponsored by an investment partnership that includes John Macaskill, a Managing Director of Groton. The fund is a third in a series of real estate funds sponsored by his team – the first produced a net return of 42% and the second fund is projected to achieve a net return of approximately 40%.

Investment in Asset Management Firms

Groton has a program for investing in asset management and wealth advisory firms. Groton believes the sector has a number of attractive characteristics that make it a suitable target for private investment. In addition, the managing directors of Groton have decades of experience in managing, advising and nurturing asset management businesses. Groton is uniquely qualified to supply capital, managerial talent and leadership in the acquisition and development of quality asset management and wealth advisory businesses.